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About Rebirth

Rebirth is a movement created by the awakened Elite. Weaving together science, practical wisdom and universe codes, Rebirth is a journey that converts those called to it into the awakened millionaires & high achievers who have a calling to re-design the future. 

your guide: 

I’m Mani

 born with prophetic vision, scientific accuracy and poetic translation of invisible realms, Eman Bensalem (known as Mani) is a descendant of a powerful lineage of eastern goddesses, wise women and medicine keepers. She has worked with Royalty , A-list Hollywood names and tech giants alike as a confidante, mystical muse and powerful goddess/guide.

With a background in science, she left medical school to master business, then dropped out of the Elitist world to serve Rebirth to driven high achievers with a powerful mission, wit and the best interest of humanity at heart. 

“she’s your metaphysical tony robbins” – gary dourdan


What I Do


(& rebirth for stars)

Your first time to our portals? this is the best start for you. The first 6 months journey in Rebirth will remove all the veils around your life, past and future. Check our “services” for detailed rebirth plans. 3 levels of Mastery: Apprentice, Initiate and Magician (MBA available)  

*Available in one-on-one (best performance) custom journey and Group Apprenticeship Launched every year first day of Spring, March 20.

Royal Muse (for Men)

1 year heart-opener journey  for the world’s UHNW men who need to keep their hearts open. This is a deep dive into the healing arts of the heart, personally guided by Mani. Having worked with the world’s top achievers, billionaires, artists, influencers…many men on top need guidance for the heart portals and this is the best place to get it from the world’s top muse herself.


*Go to “services” for a detailed description. 


Golden Goddess Academy (for Women)

Custom 6 months to 1 year Goddesses Identity journey where you develop and explore:

Your magnetic feminine energy

Soul Alignment

The art of NOT settling

The Goddess Mindset
Tapping into your inner healing

Insight on masculinity and how to support divine polarity and MUCH MORE!

* email hi@schoolofrebirth.com to check availabilities.

Esoteric Pharmacy


Vibrational Medicine made by the hands of the Goddess. These limited items range from vibrational make-up, esoteric creams, and sacred items made and blessed for the purpose of use. Enrolled 1 year rebirth students all receive 1 shipment of vibrational medicine per 6 months. 


Mani’s the only one that can explain spirituality to me in a way that I understand logically. I have a scientist mind so that’s very important for me. Spirituality that won’t insult your intelligence, that’s pretty much what you get!

Xander, Netherlands/Singapore

" I admire Eman's patience. I had no idea I was about to receive this much knowledge. I started, not knowing what to expect, now all I know is I have to carry on"

Tiffany, USA/France

""it's like she can see us butt naked, almost like she can look right into you

Mignon, Germany


On The Awaekened Elite
On The Awaekened Elite

Being miserable and having to sell your soul to the devil so to speak, in order to achieve wild success, is SO past century.Being wildly successful, while being in alignment with one’s true north, making impact AND money and taking care of one’s body/soul/mind while...

Poetry Pause
Poetry Pause

The rest is still unwritten, And in the moments of waiting, we get to re-write it all. In the moments of crossing, we get to choose new streets, we get to question, we get to fix our compass, we get to breathe and we get to love. Now is your time to prepare for the...

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