About Me

” she’s science and divinity in one”

Gatherer of human wisdom, Mani is an eastern Goddess that blends science with ancient wisdom to explain, channel and educate universe codes in her School Of Rebirth. Published poet, educator to more than 50.000 students globally, she’s bridging people back to themselves through her creations.

On Muses And The Lost Arts 

While the word “muse” has taken a rather negative shift due to its misuse, men and women have always sought these mystical creatures that hold divinity in their hearts, science in their mind and powerful wisdom in their teachings. Mani has undergone a deep transformation in her teens, guiding her to claiming gifts from her ancestors, then bringing her scientific background to dissect and explain this knowledge to the people she guides. She built a house of worship in Morocco, an ashram for truth seekers who are part of the rebirth journey. Mani guides UHNW people from all walks of life, highly intelligent humans who lack the heart orientation, need to understand how the universe works, or want to be initiated deeper into the realms of awareness. 

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